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Company Theme

Configure Company Theme

Once Installed the Theme ACs_Company-Theme1.0.0.0.war in the LIFERAY Portal.        

It is necessary to make a first configuration for proper display.

Click Sites > Site Templates> then on the ACs Company theme just installed.

Click Pages and go to Available Themes to choose the COMPANY Theme later SAVE

Now you need to change the default 2 Columns layout in CompanyHomeLayout Theme after click to SAVE

Another configuration to be able to use scroll in the theme is to set ID URL on the Single Pages of the COMPANY Theme

From the First Link to URL INFO go down to URL and apply ID #info then SAVE

The same should be done for the other pages in the list in the menu:

These IDs can be modified or added in the WEB CONTENT called TITLE structures.

Modifying the TITLE structure already created with another ID will have to associate modified ID to the Page by preceding the # character as previous example.

The New Company Theme Publish in Liferay marketplace.


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